01. Branding

Refresh your established brand or launch your business with a branding experience that feels perfectly aligned and uniquely yours. This branding package will give you newfound confidence and all brand assets required to amplify your business to the next level.

Investment: from $2,800 + gst
Timeframe: Approximately 3 Weeks
  • Brand Clarity Questionnaire
  • Brand Strategy including mission statement, target audience & keywords
  • Concept Direction incl moodboard and colour palette direction
  • 2 x Branding Concepts
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions on your chosen concept
  • Primary Logo, Secondary Logos & Brand Icon
  • Final files (for web and print)
  • Website Favicon, Instagram/Facebook Profile Images
  • Colour Palette
  • Font Selection
  • File Usage Guide

Please chat with us about any digital/print/packaging items (e.g business cards, postcards, custom tissue paper, editable social media templates) that you require and a quote will be provided. Note that printing costs are not included.

02. Smaller Projects & Intensives

Need a professional designer or developer for the day? After a discovery call to discuss strategy for maximum impact, we will plan a jam-packed day of design, development or both! We can cover everything from custom graphic design to website changes and advanced integrations to elevate your business.

Half Day (4 hours + 1 hour for prep/communication) $690 + gst
Full Day (8 hours + 1 hour for prep/communication) $1200 + gst

    03. Squarespace Website Design & Development

    Perfect for service-based businesses who are ready for growth.

    Investment from $3,200 - $7,000 + gst
    Timeframe: 2/3 Weeks
    • Custom design & development (typically around 3 - 10 pages)
    • Optimised for web and mobile
    • Newsletter Integration
    • Social Media Integration
    • Blog Setup (if required)
    • Foundational SEO
    • Sitemap + framework for copy (if not working with a copywriter
    • Video guide on how to edit/update the website
    • Planning design, sourcing fonts, colours, backend setup
    • 20% off Squarespace subscription for the first year
    • Website content, such as copywriting and photography
    • Domain registration or hosting fees
    • Advanced in-dept SEO
    • Ongoing website support, maintenance or changes

    04. Shopify Website Design & Development

    Perfect for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

    Investment from $5,000 - $9,800 plus GST
    Timeframe: 4 - 8 Weeks
    • Custom design & development (typically around 10 - 20 pages)
    • Optimised for web and mobile
    • Newsletter Integration
    • Social Media Integration
    • Blog Setup (if required)
    • Foundational SEO
    • Sitemap + framework for copy (if not working with a copywriter) 
    • Video guide on how to edit/update the website
    • Initial product upload (up to 15 products) 
    • Planning design, sourcing fonts, colours, backend setup
    • Website content, such as copywriting and photography
    • Domain registration or hosting fees
    • Advanced in-dept SEO
    • Ongoing website support, maintenance or changes


    Why is visual branding so important?

    You might not consider branding a sales tool, but let me assure you - it’s one of the most powerful sales tools there is. Why? Because (like it or not) it’s what your potential customers will judge you on. Take the wine aisle in the supermarket, for example. How often do you hear people say ‘oh, I just chose the wine with the coolest label!’ That’s the power of branding in action.

    Where can I find examples of your work?

    I’d love to show you some of the fun projects I’ve been working on lately! Head over to my work page or visit my Instagram profile (as I often post my most recent work there first).

    What’s your design style?

    I’m less of a trend-focused designer and like to create brands with a more timeless feel. I’ve worked with a wide range of businesses (from interior design and high-end fashion to activewear and natural beauty), so my design style is very adaptable. I love creating something unique for each and every one of my clients… something that looks and feels authentically you.

    I only need a logo design. Can you help with this?

    No, I don’t offer logo design as a standalone service. To explain this briefly, creating a logo without considering any other brand elements (such as colour palette, type suite, icons) is similar to driving a car without tyres. It may look ok from afar, but it’s not fully functional and won’t serve its purpose correctly. By developing branding alongside logo design, you’ll have all the tools you need to give your customers a holistic brand experience at every touch point & carry your business forward for years to come.

    I’ve found a logo I like. Can you copy it for my brand?

    Inspo imagery is fantastic for helping me understand your vision, but anything you send will only be used as guidance towards the design style. In hiring me to design your branding, you are entrusting me to create something unique for your business. I don’t copy the work of other designers - your brand deserves its own incredible aesthetic!

    What’s the difference between a primary logo, secondary logo, and brand icon?

    Primary logo = main logo. Secondary logo & brand icon = variations of your primary logo.

    While your primary logo will be the one you use the most, sometimes a different layout or smaller scale is required and this is where the secondary logo & brand icon come in.

    For example, the primary logo may be used on your website, but your brand icon may be better for your social media profile picture as its size and scale is better suited to a smaller format.

    What are editable social media templates?

    They’re branded templates for Instagram (but can also be sized for Facebook/Pinterest), created in Canva, that you can edit by updating imagery and text to suit your needs. In other words - they’re your brand’s new BFF when it comes to marketing & content creation.

    Why does branding take up to 4 weeks to complete?

    Branding incorporates quite a bit behind the scenes, from discovery and research to hours of design time and file creation. My timeframe of approx 4 weeks allows for a purposeful, strategic, collaborative approach that will achieve the very best results (because let’s be honest - you can spot a rush job a mile away).

    What happens if I need more revisions?

    I’ve been working with business owners like you for many years and have refined my processes to a point where I’m extremely confident you shouldn’t need any additional revisions. On the off chance more than 2x rounds of revisions are required, they’ll be carried out and charged for at my discretion.

    Website Design & Development

    What platforms do you work with?

    Predominantly Shopify and Squarespace - both safe, secure platforms that are perfect for e-commerce and service-based businesses. I’m also a chosen Shopify Expert which is a trusted, third-party agency or freelancer who offers services for Shopify merchants.

    What platform is right for my business?

    That depends! When choosing the right website platform, you’ll need to consider a range of things. Please get in touch to chat through your options.

    Do you offer SEO services?

    Building a website is much like building a house - sometimes you’ll need to bring in some additional help in the form of a plumber or electrician. While I’m a website developer and do build websites in an SEO-friendly way, SEO is a different area of expertise and can have a lot to do with your written content. I offer basic SEO settings (meta titles and descriptions) and advice to get them started, but I would recommend getting in touch with an SEO specialist if you’re wanting to dive a little deeper.

    What content do I need to provide?

    Ideally, you’ll have all your written content (your ‘copy’) and photography ready to go before we start on website design and development. Words and imagery play a huge part in the design of your website so if you’re unable to create your own website content I would encourage you to work with a copywriter and photographer. If you need help arranging these services, I’m more than happy to give you some recommendations.

    What happens after my website launch?

    Don’t worry, you won’t be left in the dark! I provide video training on how you use your website and am only an email away if you need post-launch assistance.
    I also have options for clients who need ongoing support, site edits or additional development work - please get in touch for more info.

    Smaller Projects & Intensives (Designer/Developer Days)

    How do Designer/Developer Days work?

    They’re exactly as the name suggests - you book me as your designer or developer for a day (or half day). You choose the option that works for you, and I’ll carry out as much work as possible during the allocated time!

    I already have a logo/branding but need some help with additional brand collateral - is this a good service for me?

    Yes, I’m happy to work with pre-existing logo design and branding. I can take your current branding and create any additional items you need.

    How soon can I book in?

    This is the best part… this service allows you to skip my waitlist! While I’m often booked for large projects a few months in advance, Designer/Developer Days can generally be booked into my calendar fairly quickly. Book your spot here.

    I need a website audit - would this be a half or full day service?

    Half a day should be plenty of time to audit your website and come back to you with some changes that can be implemented straight away.

    Do I get a guaranteed set of deliverables at the end of the day?

    No. This is where a day rate service is different to a full website or branding package because you’re buying my time & focus, not a guaranteed set of deliverables. I’ll do my best to give you a realistic (and often pretty spot on) expectation of what we can achieve during our time together, but it’s tricky to know exactly how long things will take until I’m immersed in the job.

    What if I book too much time?

    This is where the priority list we’ve discussed during the strategy call steps up - I simply move onto the next task that needs attention!

    What if I don’t book enough time?

    We’ll book you in for a secondary day as soon as possible.

    Can I request revisions after the day?

    When our time is up, I send you alllll the juicy design files alongside a video walkthrough to explain my thinking & offer tips for implementing changes. There is no revision round included in this service, but I’m always here to provide further clarification or answer any questions you may have. If you do wish to make a few changes, we’ll discuss a plan for this as either a follow up day/half day booking or an additional hourly rate (only available to existing clients).